A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 28 Goodbye For Now

Chapter 28 Goodbye For Now

As he walked to the castle he was stuffing himself with pastries, these one’s had some sort of cream in them. , Archer passed by the shop Witch Way Out, he popped in to see if he could buy some new spells. , The doorbell dinged and caught him off guard. He looked up to see a shiny new bell sitting there. , ”Oh what do we have…” , Gallaka started speaking until she saw him and stopped. ”What happened to you, boy?” , Archer smiled at the old woman and told her. , ”I reached level 20 and evolved.” , She looked him up and down before sighing. , ”I can’t figure out what you are, you’re not a Dragon-kin due to those eyes and scales, they only have horns.” ., Archer shrugged and started searching the shop. , He came across Four spells that caught his interest. Picking up the first book, he read the title. , ”Fireball.” , Archer chose it and continued to look for some more, after an hour of searching he found three more. , Thunder wave, Call Lighting, and Earth Blast that he brought for Ella. , He took the books up to the counter and paid for them. , Gallaka was watching him as he approached. , ”More spells?” , Archer nodded as he placed them on the counter. , ”How much?” , She looked at this curious boy. , ”Four gold for thunder wave and call lighting, three for fireball, and seven for Earth Blast but I’ll charge you seven altogether as you were going to sell them back to me.” , Archer smiled but before he paid for the spell books, he told her he was going to keep the spell book Earth Blast for a friend. , She looked at the boy with a cocked eyebrow before questioning him. , ”Who is she?” , Her question shocked him, he wondered how she knew. , ”How did you know old woman?” , Gallaka started laughing. ”Well no one will spend seven gold coins on a spell book for just a friend, it’s never happened in my 70 years of life.” , Archer stared at the nosey old woman before scoffing. He ignored her as he started reading. , Thunder Wave Learned Call Lightning Learned Fireball Learned , Three notifications alerted him to the spells he just learned, he turned his attention to the woman who was staring at him. , ”Here, I’m done with these three, I’ll be off now Gallaka, see you soon.” , Archer rushed out the door as he stored cure wounds in his item box, he made his way to the castle as the sun was setting. , Causing a lovely orange/pink color to cover the sky. , As he reached the castle he thunder stepped his way to the servant’s quarters. , Looking up at the balcony he cast body enhancement and jumped up, this time he flew right past the balcony but landed with a thud as he fell back down. , ‘Fuck, I forgot my status jumped up.’ , He wiped all the dirt off and went to check if Ella was in her room, when he looked he didn’t see her and went to sit down. , Pulling out some chocolate he started eating while waiting for her, a couple of hours passed by and he was asleep. , Ella P.O.V. , She walked out of the maid’s quarters and made her way back to her room when she was stopped by someone. , It was Archer’s half-brother Pallius, he had a creepy grin across his face as he spoke. , ”Ella why don’t you accept my offer and just become my maid?” , She was fed up with the boy, all he did was bug her since Archer left. , Asking her to be his maid, when only Archer’s mother had the power to assign her but hasn’t yet. , ”No, thank you, now I must be on my way.” , She walked back to her room as Pallius watched her walk away with a sinister look in his eye. , Opening her door she made sure to lock it behind her, only her mother and Larka had the key so she would be fine. , She went about conducting her nightly routine and walked over to the window, she moved the curtains aside. , When she saw him, a bright smile appeared on her delicate face. , Putting on a cloak as she stepped out, she felt the breeze against her face. , Looking at the boy, he had changed so much since he woke up that day. , It’s like he’s a completely different person. , His horns are a gorgeous white, his glittering white scales, and his scruffy white hair tied into a bun all made him even more handsome to her. , Giggling when she saw the chocolate in his hand. , Ella got an idea and approached him, her dainty had reached out and started stroking his horns. , Archer’s body quivered as she touched his horns, giggling at his reaction, she noticed his ears were twitching. , Reaching over as she touched his ear, he quivered even more letting out a relaxed sigh. , Ella laughed, when she did his eyes opened. , Back to Archer , He opened his eyes, his brain was foggy but he noticed Ella’s face staring directly at him, that’s when he felt something touching his right ear. , Making him shiver and let out a little moan, he quickly covered his mouth. , Ella giggled even more as she sat down next to him while asking. , ”How have you been Arch, completed any more quests yet?” , He stopped thinking about her touching his ears. , ”Yeah, I’ve completed five more since we last met, but there is something I need to tell you.” , When Ella heard him she got a bad feeling but before she could speak he told her. , ”I was offered an escort quest to deliver aid to Karna city in the Rhodora Kingdom, the guild said I will be gone for two months, I’m sorry Ella.” , She got sad for a second before pushing that feeling away. , ”It’s fine Archer, you’ll need to take quests that take you far away, we only have to wait two more years until I can join you.” , Smiling as he heard her say that, Archer hugged her which shocked her greatly before he whispered into her ear. , ”Thank you, Ella, I will return to you as quickly as possible.” , She shivered as he spoke, now she knew how he felt when his ears were messed with, he let her go and took out some chocolate, pastries, and sweets. , He offered some to Ella, she took some chocolate and the gummy-looking things, and she started eating with a smile on her face. , They spoke late into the night, when Archer stood up she grabbed his hand and offered something that shocked him. , ”Archer why don’t you stay here with me tonight?” , She asked him in such a cute way he couldn’t say no, so they entered her bedroom. , Archer cast cleanse on himself so he was clean, he took off his boots as Ella took a gown and entered another room. , A few minutes later she appeared with red cheeks and quickly approached the bed, she called Archer over. , He complied and got into bed, things were extremely awkward between the two until Archer grabbed her and started spooning her with a smile on his face. , Archer saw her ears go bright red and he thought it would be funny to blow air into it, when he did she jumped with a yelp as she glared at him but didn’t move. , He chuckled and settled down while cuddling her, she was very comfortable. , She was laying there and whispered something so low so that Archer couldn’t hear her. , ”Thank you for accepting me.” , ”No, we accepted each other, now go to sleep.” , She felt a peck on her cheek and went stiff but smiled nonetheless, the two of them fell asleep with smiles on their faces. , Not long after they fell asleep the lock opened and Sheira came walking in, she looked at her daughter and went stiff when she saw a boy cuddling up to Ella. , She approached the bed intending to drag the boy out when she noticed who it was, but he was different. , He had horns like Lady Larka but they looked more majestic than hers. , Sheira noticed the scales on his neck and was confused, shaking her head she examined the scene she walked into. , Ella was snuggled into him with a smile on her face and Archer was holding her tightly, she clearly noticed there was nothing sexual going on between the two. , So she breathed a sigh of relief before smiling. , ”Well done you silly girl, you found someone who cares for you.” , Sheira went to her room and settled down. , The next morning Archer opened his eyes and saw blonde hair in front of him, that’s when the memories flooded back and he felt his cheeks go red. , His moving caused Ella to wake up, and when she did she turned around to face him with a smile. , ”Good morning Arch.” , Archer quickly replied while smiling at her. , ”Good morning Ella.” , They stared at each other until Archer leaned forward and their lips touched, her body stiffened but calmed down as they kissed. , He loved the feeling of her lips and her scent drove him mad. , They separated and her cheeks were red, just like his, she spoke up. , ”We have to get up, I’ve got to get to work and you’ve got a quest.” , She jumped out of bed and ran off to the other room, while she did that Archer got out of bed with a goofy smile. , He put his boots on as he pulled out some gibberling hearts and ate them. , As he was waiting for Ella Archer ate more and more hearts until he ran out, when he finished he cast cleanse on himself to get rid of the blood. , Just as he finished cleaning up, Ella walked out of the room in her maid outfit and looking beautiful. , He zoned out on her until she flicked his head. , ”Stop daydreaming, you got a quest to get to.” , She smiled as he came and said goodbye. , ”Goodbye Ella, I’ll be back soon.” , He put on a cloak as he walked out to the balcony, he was going to thunder step when he remembered he had a gift for Ella. , Archer went back to give her the spell book. , ”Ella wait, I have something for you.” , She stopped and turned around. He took out the book and handed it over before leaving. Ella looked at the book and her eyes widened as she realized it was a spellbook. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, This content is taken from 𝘳.𝑐𝘰

Chapter end

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