Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 36 – Nightmare Flower

Chapter 36 – Nightmare Flower

Founder Yang blinked his eyes and looked dazedly at Bai Zhanxiong.Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

He felt that the other party had just said something wrong. However at this time, Bai Zhanxiong had actually reached out and patted his cheek, sneering: Old fellow, the taste of this Nightmare Flower is not too bad, right? Why dont you try to circulate your Qi now and see if it will give rise to a pain that could be felt right down to the bones?

After being patted on his aging cheek, Founder Yang finally knew that something was amiss. As expected, he followed Bai Zhanxiongs suggestion. When he tried to circulate his Qi, he immediately felt his entire dantian twitching as if he were to use just a tiny bit of energy, his dantian would be completely destroyed!

Founder Yang, who was in a bit of a drunken stupor before, instantly woke up. His eyes flashed with a cold gaze and stared with deadly intent at the Bai Zhanxiong who was grinning sinisterly. He had recalled what kind of object the Nightmare Flower was.

It was a kind of poisonous spirit medicine. Its medicinal properties were potent and if a petal were to be directly consumed, it would immediately destroy the cultivators Dragon Vein and dantian. But if one were to dilute the petals dew, the properties would be lessened a little. The person being poisoned would be fine as long as they did not circulate their Qi. But once they did, then it would cause their dantian to explode.

However, the Nightmare Flower even if it was diluted, there would definitely still be a fragrant scent emitted. Founder Yang clearly remembered that the wine he drank earlier had a strange scent, but he was in the midst of his happiness, so how could he have had the time to bother about the fragrance in the wine?

By this time, the faces on all the Yang Family members had changed drastically. They too had discovered that when they used their Qi, their dantian would immediately turn as soft and weak as tofu!

Now, all of them understood that, the Bai Family had schemed against the Yang Family and that they have all already been poisoned unknowingly. The poison in the petals of the Nightmare Flower was not to be underestimated. It was reputed to strike terror into the hearts of people but one did not expect the Bai Family to actually use it on the Yang Family who had ties as close as brothers to them!

However, the person who was the most stupefied was Founder Yang. He stared blankly at Bai Zhanxiong then shifted his gaze towards the Bai Familys Master and vehemently said: Bai Sheng? Why? Have I, Yang Cangqiong, treated you unkindly?

The face of the Bai Familys Master which was flushed previously now had darkened. He coldly smirked and said: On the contrary though I had wanted to ask you. I had really wondered how you were able to remain so laughably innocent after all these years?

He indicated to Bai Zhanxiong by saying: Xiong Er, go drink your formal exchange of wine between bride and groom before bringing Yang Xueqing here. Today, we shall let them all die together as a family.

Hearing that the Bai Familys Master had actually mentioned the death word, the Yang Family members expressions greatly changed!

Although they could not circulate their Qi, they still quickly gathered together, except for the Founder Yang, Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian who stood at the forefront with ashened faces!

Behind them were the other sons of Founder Yang and of course the elderly, weak women and children. At this moment, Yang Qingxuan went towards Founder Yang ears and mournfully whispered: Father, those who even have a shred of Qi, have all been poisoned by this Nightmare Flower! The Bai Family are such detestable bastards!

Right now, Founder Yangs heart was trembling violently. The words said by the Bai Familys Master previously had left him completely speechless.

He never could have imagined that this brother of his whom he had treated as one his own for his whole life, had completely turned into this character that he could no longer recognised. This brother was using a belittling expression to look at him, Yang Cangqiong!

Moments later, Yang Xueqing whose hair had looked untidy, had already been dragged over by Bai Zhanxiong. They both still had the red wedding costume on and Yang Xueqing who had been dressed up and her makeup on looked really beautifully. However, after seeing her dear father and brothers being surrounded and their pale stricken faces, Yang Xueqings heart fell to the bottom of a valley!

Bai Zhanxiong! What are you doing?! Have your Bai Family gone nuts?!

Without being able to use her Qi, Yang Xueqing was basically, a helpless and weak woman in front of Bai Zhanxiong. Bai Zhanxiong shoved away her hand that was reaching for him and viciously slapped her before he coldly said: You better remain quiet!

Then, he pushed Yang Xueqing towards the group of people where Founder Yang was standing. Yang Xueqing rolled on the ground and her originally beautiful dress and makeup were now all askewed. The red mark on her face was especially unsightly!

Founder Yang immediately supported the agitated Yang Xueqing up. He did not say of another word as he placed her behind him.

After being one of the two masters in Poplar Town for so many years, Founder Yangs mighty appearance was still not to be belittled, even if he could no longer use his Qi. He raised his head and his gaze from his sunken eyes was sharp and falcon-like as he coldly scanned the people from the Bai Family. At last, his gaze landed on the Bai Familys Master.

The Bai Familys Master coldly smirked and said: Look at your own daughter now! Eighteen years ago, she abandoned my son for a useless trash and now that the trash has died, she now wants to make it up with my son. How can there be such a good thing like this on earth? Is she even still worthy to be with my son?

Founder Yang still had not said a single word, but hearing these words, Yang Xueqings face immediately paled. She had already guessed this would happen but when the other party had said it aloud first, the feeling she felt was unbearable!

Stupefied, she looked towards Bai Zhanxiong, the man who had made a vow to her. Right now though, Bai Zhanxiong did not even care about her gaze and said: Todays marriage was just a method for us to exterminate your Yang Family. I, Bai Zhanxiong, have lived my life so freely. Which woman can I not get? Why would I still want a broken flower like you? Father, we have already achieved our goals, so let us make our move now before the long night becomes just a long dream

The fourth son Bai Zhanfeng also laughed at that moment before saying: Let me conveniently tell you something. The demonic beast hunting competition should be almost over already, however,the amount of demonic energy cores your Yang Family will be handing over should be zero as they wouldnt have had a chance to slay any beasts before Shichen and Shiji claim their lives.

Bai Zhanxiong coldly looked at Yang Xueqing and continued saying: That bastard child you had given birth to, had castrated my son. If it was not for today that we can wipe all of you in one go, that bastard would have died long ago! How do you think I could even tolerate it until now?

With these two brothers words, it was as if a huge thunderbolt from a clear sky had befallen on the Yang Family members!

After hearing that their own sons and daughters have died, a few of the ladies there immediately fainted tragically. The only ones who were strong enough to withstand the mental blow were Founder Yang and Yang Qingxuan. Thinking that Yang Wu and the rest have already died at the opponents hands, Founder Yang and the rest suddenly felt as if their hearts had torn into pieces.

Tenaciously staring at the ugly smirks and sneers of the Bai Family members, the members of the Yang Family had all breathed loudly in rage, including Yang Qingxuan who usually had an excellent temper. His eyes were also bloodshot at that moment! The veins on his necks were popping out. If not for Founder Yang who still had some rationality left and blocked him, he would have long ago charged forward and just stake it all!

One must know that what he had lost was a son and a daughter! This was all of the hard work that Yang Qingxuan sacrificed for his whole life.

Bai Family, all of you will die a horrible death!

Yang Qingxuan at this moment was akin to a wild beast!

As for Yang Yuntian who had already lost a son, Yang Lingqings performance recently was not bad, and it was also his flesh and blood. Thinking that the kindhearted girl would be gone just like this, Yang Yuntian too had become a ferocious beast as well!

Bai Sheng, Bai Zhanxiong, Bai Zhanfeng, and youAll of you are all savage creatures!

As for Yang Xueqing, she was still in a state of disbelief!

She did not dare to believe everything that had transpired was real. That Bai Zhanxiong had never loved her. The marriage that she had been longing for was actually just a plot to exterminate her family.

Yang Xueqing had become the sinner of Yang Family because of her foolishness!

From such a jubilant occasion to an extremely sorrowful situation, the change in their feelings was extremely huge that the members of Yang Family had found it difficult for them to breathe!

At this very moment Yang Xueqing thought of death, for only with death, could she escape this place. She would not need to blame herself and that way, be completely free from this suffering!

This was the only route for her today and the only path that she must take!

After being poisoned with Nightmare Flower, Yang Xueqing naturally knew that using her Qi would lead to the rupture of her dantian but right now, this was in accordance to her wishes!

Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian had lost both of their sons and daughters. The Founder Yang had only focused only restraining them and had left Yang Xueqing unattended. The Bai Family watched them as if watching a monkey show so they did not notice Yang Xueqing. Her face revealed an expression of salvation at that moment.

By this time, she had thought of many things regarding her whole life. Her dreams when she was a young lady, the dazzling aura of Long Qinglan when he had first appeared. She too had once received bliss but it came quickly and left thoroughly so she had hated Long Qinglan, including the flesh and blood that was from Long Qinglan.

She herself was not sure, why she had loathed him so much. She had only felt that Long Chen was too similar to Long Qinglan. His body, no matter if it was the looks, mannerisms, gaze, persistence, thoughts and even his soul, they were completely identical to that of Long Qinglan!

Although he was her own son, there was nothing on Long Chens body that was similar to her,Yang Xueqing. The hatred she had harboured for Long Qinglan who had ruined her life was extended onto Long Chen as well.

Especially when Long Chens strength had recently been rising astonishingly and the way he displayed his prowess was the same as Long Qinglan back in his days!

Long Chens pride had pricked her self-esteem.

But now, she knew that she was the one who had been delusioned. It was actually all a farce. When she knew that she had actually brought harm upon the whole of Yang Family, before her imminent death, she suddenly thought of this son and everything of him.

This sons pride was too headstrong. When Yang Xueqing did not care about him and Long Qinglan did the same, he had never once sought even a sign of their care and concern.

Although he was born in the Yang Family and didnt have to worry about food and clothes, he had lived all by himself since he was young as if he was just a stray dog in the Yang Familys residence.

No one had cared about him, no one given him any pointers and there were constant appearances of wounds inflicted on his body.

The first time when she told him that she was going to wed Bai Zhanxiong, his prideful lonely back figure, the unbending gaze in his eyes as he beat Yang Lingyue on the stage, those images had all played in her eyes in sequences.

Until it reached the point that she broke down and cried.

Only at this point when all her dreams shattered, did she realised how much she had let down this headstrong child of hers.

But now, it was too late, because Long Chen had already died at the hands of the Bai Familys younger generation.

Child, dont be afraidI will immediately accompany you now and who knows, maybe in hell, the three of us could still create a beautiful family together

The regrets towards you in this lifetime, if there is a chance, I will definitely repay it back to you!

But right now

She gradually lifted her head, her frosty look fell upon Bai Zhanxiong who was seemingly looking smug and muttered: I dont want to die and not have any face when I see you, so I must at least kill this devil

The crowd had all clamoured because right now everyone could see that Yang Xueqing had actually charged towards Bai Zhanxiong and looking at the hand gestures, she actually planned to use [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!

At the same time, the large wooden doors that had definitely been closed suddenly exploded out, smashed into smithereens and flew into the hall. A few guards were sent flying into the hall too, wailing in agony!

Chapter end

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