Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 6 – Celestial Core Technique

Chapter 6 – Celestial Core Technique

To Long Chen, although Xiao Huang is only a cowardly manservant, but he had been following him for a good six years, loyal to him, and if Long Chen had any goodwill at all he would not leave him out, Long Chen did not know who wanted to deal with him, but they actually kidnapped Xiao Huang for it, this was absolutely intolerable for him.

But Long Chen knows, Xiao Huangs family has a pair of ailing parents which need to be taken care of, if anything were to happen to Xiao Huang, Long Chen will blame himself harshly!

He took the note and tore it to pieces, without saying another word, he rushed out of the Yang family residence, as quickly as a swift passing wind, and headed towards the Rising Sun Inn!

This Rising Sun Inn was located near the Emerald Jade House, Long Chen hastened his pace, and the people strolling along the streets had all felt a whirlwind passing, leaving no shadow behind!

Looking up, the bright lantern lights that had illuminated the dark night could be seen clearly, Long Chen pressed on one step at a time towards the inn, but many people were walking by, so Long Chen had no choice but to slow down. Looking on, the big wide door was getting closer!

At this moment, on the left side of the street there appeared a horse drawing a horse carriage that was galloping away, this caused the passers-by to curse and dodge, but the horse carriage had no intention of slowing down. Originally Long Chen could easily dodge it, but at this instant, behind him there was a little child who was looking at the charging carriage blankly and started to wail.

This horse carriage with its tremendous speed, if it were to charge through the child, it would not leave even a corpse behind, Long Chen being shocked, did not consider anything else, and he who could have dodged long before, had actually turned away and hugged the child tightly, his whole body exerting explosive Qi. At this moment, the horse carriage had already struck Long Chens back, sending him flying abruptly.Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

Loud gasps could be heard along the street, they were thinking that both Long Chen and the child would perish, but they did not expect Long Chen to change his trajectory in the air, and land safely. He did not console the child, and before the crowd could see how he looked like, Long Chen had disappeared. Because he still had to save Xiao Huangs life.

After passing the scene of commotion, Long Chen endured the creeping pain on his back muscles, and entered the Rising Sun Inn.

As he walked through the door, he almost bumped into someone in front of him. Looking up; it was a catchy young lad who had temporarily stunned his eyes.

This young lad looked only to be fourteen or fifteen years of age, which might even be relatively younger than Long Chen. Long Chens looks could be considered to be suave enough, but the lad in front of him had a beauty that was a little too bewitching. If not for the protruding Adams apple, Long Chen would have almost assumed he was a beautiful lady.

Are you male or female? Not being able to control his mouth, Long Chen blurted out the question.

Listening to his own question made even Long Chen himself embarrassed, but the young man with the delicate features did not get angry, but only looked at Long Chen firmly, and then pointed at his Adams apple and said: I am a male.

His expression stern, yet the voice was melodious. Long Chen who was reminded of the teasing voices of the Emerald Jade House ladies, after listening to him speak, actually felt a tickling sensation that was difficult to endure.

He quietly berated himself as a bastard, but thinking that Xiao Huangs life was not yet saved, he hurriedly walked past the lad, and walked into the Rising Sun Inn.

Earlier you rescued the child, and narrowly saved a life

Behind Long Chen, the lad spoke, but did not think that Long Chen would hurriedly rush into the inn. He shut his mouth, observed curiously, in fact he was not holding any grudges against Long Chen, he only thought that Long Chens rescue earlier was praiseworthy.

This guy is similar to elder brother, his body faintly has the essence from the stars, he probably has practiced a kind of martial technique. This [Celestial Core Technique], I havent used it for a long time..

The lad watched Long Chen disappear as he muttered to himself.

Just arriving, Long Chen saw a scene which compelled him to stare, turning back he saw, Yang Zhan was sitting at a spot in front of a window, and in front of him, was a beautiful girl.

Yang Zhan is unexpectedly here, could it be that the kidnapping of Xiao Huang was arranged by him?

Once again looking at the girl in front of him, Long Chen shook his head, saying: If this Yang Zhan wanted to deal with me, he wouldnt have to resort to this method, so he is surely only here to date chicks

Thinking of which, Long Chen did not stop any longer and directly walked to the second floor of the inn, where the note said to enter room number one, and at this point, after arriving here, he could no longer hold back his fury, running closer towards the destination he viciously pushed the door open to be greeted with a sight that was pitch black.

Just arriving into the room, Long Chen had already felt a swing from a knife that was slashing towards him. He hurriedly dodged, and only then could he see the situation inside the room. As of now, the person who struck earlier had already moved in front of the door, and quietly closed it. Then he was coldly looking at Long Chen, while on the opposite side, Long Chen saw Xiao Huangs body being tied with a rope, his mouth gagged with a cloth with a face of anger and despair which was casted towards Long Chen as he whimpered.

Yet on his side, there stood another guy, both of them wearing masks, but their killing intent was not to be underestimated.

It was exactly the same two who attacked him that other night, until now Long Chen could not understand, such a small fry like himself, why would someone send assassins after him.

Both of you, whats your identity, why do you want to deal with me?

Accepting payment, and assisting to eliminate a cumbersome person. You dont have to ask much, Yang Chen, just die!

Two swings of the knife came slashing towards Long Chen; the knife technique was vicious, creating sound from the acceleration of the knife which could make people tremble in fear.

Both of them have similar abilities to me, but their experiences are bountiful, and probably have amassed enough assassinations. Compared to Chen Liu, that loser, they are more frightening by a hundred times. If today I do not use my full capabilities, I will definitely be killed here!

Looking at their movements, they should be used to killing in a team, so I only have to defeat one guy, and then I can definitely overcome their allied strength.

In the darkness, Long Chens eyes stared coldly. As the two knifes came rushing towards him, he used his agility, and rolled to the side, and with this roll, he had skillfully overcome the need to face both people at the same time. Then the two black robed men attacked again with one standing in front of the other.

[Whirlwind Blade]!

Shouting out, the person at the front had already come close to him with the knife. Looking at their combination which had failed to hit him, Long Chen gritted his teeth, he generated all his Qi, he didnt back down but instead advanced forward and rushed towards the black robed man!

[Falling Star Fist]!

In the pitch black room, a streak of starlight had exploded. The black robed mans eyes turned big, and felt a wave of strong Qi evade his knife technique, and then hit soundly on his body.


The man in the front spurted out blood, and then was smashed into the other man behind him.

Long Chen rushed forward, and in an instantly took hold of the opponents knife, gave a roar, and pierced through the mans heart with a thrust. At this point the blood that had flowed out had dyed both his robes and his face blood red.

The earlier scene might have looked easy, but it was actually a hair-raising experience. Long Chens biggest shock was that the [Falling Star Fist] emitted starlight which had blinded the vision of his opponent. [Falling Star Fist] which was an intermediate Huang martial technique, had a might which was equivalent with the strongest attack of the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Therefore he was able to heavily injure the black robed man, and successively kill him afterwards.

The other black robed man seeing his partner die looked shocked at Long Chen, and without bothering about anything else, hurriedly jumped through the window. Long Chen had intended to give chase, and interrogate the man for his contractor, but right at this moment the door slammed open and Yang Zhan was there standing in the door, watching Long Chen who had a face dyed with blood and right beside him lay a corpse.

He momentarily frowned and then said: You bastard, you do not know whats good for you, with just this little accomplishment, you already dare to kill people in the Rising Sun Inn, could it be that you dont know Boss Qing of the inn and me are good friends?

Long Chen ignored him, he turned around and released the rope on Xiao Huangs body and said: Xiao Huang, leave this place first, well talk about it later.

Of the two assassins one died and one escaped. Xiao Huang feeling astonished was looking at Long Chen, but Yang Zhan who had just entered the scene had an unkind gaze, so Xiao Huang was scared. Although he was worried about Long Chens safety, he understood he would not be of any use, so he quickly ran away, and started to look for a savior.

Being ignored by Long Chen, Yang Zhans face gradually twitched with anger.

Behind Yang Zhan, a lavishly dressed fatty looked at the mess of the blood scene, he turned white and then said: This master seems to have gone a little overboard, creating such a sickening blood scene here, scaring away my customers. This business will surely take a huge loss now.

Both of them joined together to rebuke, that scene they were making was only just to make things difficult for Long Chen. He who had just killed someone, at this point was filled with killing intent, with a gaze, he scared the Boss Qing into a retreat.

Right now he still did not wish to come into conflict with Yang Zhan, after all Yang Zhan was a fourth level Dragon Pulse Realm practitioner, and had studied many martial techniques, the him right now is still not Yang Zhans match, so he could only endure.

Even though Long Chen had already backed down, Yang Zhan was still angry.

He had since long ago thought of Long Chen as a nuisance, in the past he had grown accustomed to stepping on him, yet now this fellow actually had some power. Especially, after all the previous time when Long Chen hurt Chen Liu, he had swallowed down a bad taste afterwards. And now coupled with the old hate and this new anger, he looked at Long Chen and emitted killing intent.

Previously even though you hurt Chen Liu, I had forgiven you, but today you once again ruined the reputation of the Yang family. It looks like I have to discipline you properly so that you start showing some respect, and stop carrying out misdeeds!

After which, he walked several steps forward, and a huge aura pressed down on Long Chen.

This fellowSo strong.

The fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was a might to be reckoned with, Yang Zhans both eyes flashed and then he pressed his aura on Long Chen, which felt as if a huge mountain. Long Chen was unexpectedly pushed back.

However the knife from earlier was still in his hand, and with the blood continuously dripping down from the knife, coupled with his ferocious gaze, it looked like he might be a match for Yang Zhan.

Seeing Long Chen like this, Yang Zhan got even angrier, he grinded his teeth and said: What an idiot, you actually dare to face me off squarely, today if you do not kneel and beg me, dont even think of leaving here alive!

Long Chen did not reply, he was just staring at him coldly.

He knows, if Yang Zhan really pushes him too far, even at the cost of his life, he will definitely make his opponent pay the price.

Looking at the two who were about to fight, from Boss Qings back appeared a girl; her face turned pale, and then she retreated.

Brother Zhan, dont be like this, lets leave here, shall we

Yang Zhan kept his Qi down, looked back at the girl, then back at Long Chen and then he warned: Alright, Ill let you live for another day, tomorrow morning, you will know how to write the death word.

After which, he took the girl and then left.

Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief, and then the knife dropped onto the floor.

Yang Zhan, this debt between us, has yet again increased, right now I almost broke through the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. When I become stronger than you, you will know how to write the death word

The ones who tried to kill him, had one dying, but he did not know what trouble the other one could still cause him. Since the mastermind had not been revealed, it was all just a mystery, right now this was not a good place to be, so Long Chen decided to leave.

Running down the stairs, he saw Xiao Huangs worriedness from waiting for him.

After seeing that Long Chen was fine, only then he heaved a sigh of relief, and hurriedly said: Young Master Chen, earlier when I ran down, there was a beautiful young guy who wanted me to pass this to you, he said you are worthy of his respect, but he had to attend to something so he left.

Long Chen was stumped, thinking of the guy with such an unfair beauty bestowed on him, and thinking of his melodious voice and stern face, he felt that it was rather amusing. He apprehensively took the martial technique scroll from Xiao Huangs hands, opened it and looked over it. It actually had four big words on it which said [Celestial Core Technique].

The guy said that this item is compatible with your [Falling Star Fist]. Seeing how you saved a child today, the fact that you are a good person, and also the fact that he did not need this item, so he decided to give this to you.

Long Chen nodded his head, scrutinizing the [Celestial Core Technique].

This is actually an intermediate Huang martial technique

I had only saved a child, and this fellow actually gives me this [Celestial Core Technique], looks like his background isnt simple. He shouldnt be from Poplar Town, hes probably a disciple from a big faction from another place.

Oh well, today this meeting is because of fate, right now I urgently need these items, and giving me this now, if I ever see him again, I will repay his kindness.

Long Chen smiled, told Xiao Huang to leave, and then went back to the Yang family residence.

Absorbing the celestial essence of the stars, incorporate them into the skin, bones, blood and fleshTemper my body every day, endure it, and then one can achieve the body of a celestial coreWhile moving, be it sand or rocks, with a simple punch, I will be able to draw upon its strength:

This [Celestial Core Technique], is actually classified as a scripture, compared to a martial technique it is much more valuable.

The [Celestial Core Technique] has a total of two levels, the first being the Enlightened level and the second being the Mastery level. However, although this scripture is cryptic, I am still able to understand it. Tonight the starlight is resplendent, I have to make use of the starlight tonight, and practice the [Celestial Core Technique], if I will manage to master it, and any hit I unleash will be equivalent to using the power of an offensive martial technique! If I meet Yang Zhan again, I should also be able to evade his hits, and probably even have a fair fight!

To Long Chen, this [Celestial Core Technique] was not difficult to understand. Under the luster of the starlight, he practiced seamlessly. After some time, it could be seen, that as the starlight from the sky had shone on him, his body, as if a falling star, was glistening with starlight.

Suddenly, Long Chen opened his eyes.

The [Celestial Core Technique] is yet to be mastered, but after tonights hair raising fight, along with the nurture given to my body under the stars, adding on the mysterious jade pendant, my Qi has once again risen explosively. And right now, it will let me break through the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Chapter end

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