Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 406

Chapter 406


After a day of rest.

"First, we need to determine our positions," called Daedalus (Ddalo) to the team members.

In the empty space, there was a plan drawn with his Arcane Power that represented Ubbo-Sathla's nest.

"This is Ubbo-Sathla's nest. It has an area of approximately 3 kilometers. It's not that big."

"3 kilometers isn't big?" asked the Lion King.

Daedalus, who had seen Ubbo-Sathla in person, laughed at the Lion King's question.

"If you consider the size of Ubbo-Sathla, you wouldn't say that."

Before carrying out this plan, Daedalus and dozens of Rankers had inspected Ubbo-Sathla's nest. However, only about five people returned alive at that time. In that search, Daedalus had already investigated and understood the structure of Ubbo-Sathla's nest and its surroundings.

"I'll have Hercules and the Lion King in the vanguard. Asura and Siegfried will be in the middle..."

Daedalus continued with his explanation.

In total, there were seven team members.

Among them, Daedalus was excluded from being a combatant. Originally, his role was to be the designer of the plan and determine the team's positions.

"And Kim YuWon."


"Do you know how to throw a spear, right?"

In response to Daedalus's question, YuWon nodded.

"I do."

"Hephaestus made a weapon for you. You will use that from the rear..."

Crack, crack-le!

An explosion of electricity emanated from YuWon's hands.

The Lion King, taken aback by the sudden surge of power, rose from his seat.

"What, what is this?"

"A spear...?"

The team members looked in astonishment at the spear created by YuWon.

It was a type of ability they had never seen before.

But there was someone in the group who had seen the spear created by YuWon before.

"Lightning Bolt..."

It was Hercules.

Hercules had played a crucial role in overthrowing Zeus on Olympus. Of course, he had seen the Lightning Bolt created by Zeus many times.

But that was impossible.

"My father and this boy have no connection," he thought.

No matter how he thought about it, YuWon and Zeus had no relationship. When Zeus was dethroned from his seat on Olympus, YuWon was still a rookie recently turned Ranker.

Of course, that was only relevant at that time.

Crack, crack-le.

The spear generated by YuWon became blurry in his hand.

Then, he looked at Daedalus and scratched his head.

"It would really be better if I had a real spear. It seems that this power alone is not enough in terms of physical strength."

"U-uh... yes, I suppose."

Even he was baffled by the unexpected ability.

"This seems much better than I initially thought. I had no idea you had this ability."

"So, am I on the team with Kali?"

"Yes, because we can't put Kali in the front."


Kali was rank 17 in the High-Ranker ranking. She had a formidable ranged attack means, wielding the most Mana Cannons in the Tower.

Of course, that didn't mean she was weak in close combat.

"Now that the positions have been more or less determined, let's try to coordinate our efforts. Apart from Kim Yuwon and Hercules, none of us have fought together before."


Swish, swoosh...

Daedalus began to draw on the ground.

His ability as a designer allowed dungeons to materialize.

YuWon looked at Daedalus, who was starting to design, and thought he was the most suspicious person. The structure of the dungeon that Daedalus had designed and Ubbo-Sathla's actual nest seemed to have different shapes.

"It seems it will take quite some time to design this."

Asura, who was getting bored, got up from his seat.

Then, he looked around and his eyes lit up.

"Anyone want to spar with me?"

After circling the team members, his eyes stopped on Kali.

"If you want so badly, go ahead."

It was at that moment that their gazes met.


Daedalus, who had been sweating while working on the design, shouted at them.

"Don't fight each other! Don't you realize that this won't end well if you two specifically fight?"

At Daedalus's call, Asura drew his sword but then put it away. Despite his combative personality, he wouldn't interfere in the impending battle. After all, Daedalus was the team leader at that moment.

"...So, who else wants to?"

Asura's gaze then turned to YuWon.

But at that moment...

"Kim Yu... Mmm?"

Before he could finish his sentence, YuWon had already walked over to Daedalus.

Trot, trot...

Daedalus, who had been focused on the design for a while, raised his head at the sense of a nearby presence.

By then, YuWon had approached close enough to look at the drawing on the ground.

"What's up?"

"Here, in this part..."

YuWon's hand pointed to the drawing on the ground that Daedalus had made.

"It looks a bit off here."


Daedalus looked in the direction that YuWon was pointing with his finger.

"Are you sure you drew it correctly?"

"Why? Are you worried now?"

Daedalus laughed as if he didn't care about YuWon's concern. But soon, he was surprised to see YuWon's eyes staring at him.

"Remember correctly. Make sure to do it right."


Daedalus pondered for a moment at YuWon's words. He began to review the floor design again.

While the drawing would become a dungeon centered on Ubbo-Sathla once it was complete, ultimately, it was only a virtual dungeon based on his memories.

If his memories were wrong...

The practice of position formation through this simulation would be meaningless.

"Wait a moment, wait a moment..."

Could he perhaps remember something new?

Daedalus brushed YuWon aside with seriousness and sat on the floor.

The design process started again.


Moving away from Daedalus, YuWon watched as the design began anew.

The design progressed steadily.

The modified version of the design closely resembled Ubbo-Sathla's nest as YuWon remembered it.

As the design was nearing completion...

"Wait a second, I need to talk to you."

Hercules called YuWon.

Trot, trot...

Hercules led YuWon to a spot near the forest, where he thought no one else could hear.

"Even if I think it over..."

Hercules looked at YuWon's hand.

That was Zeus's Lightning Bolt.

Given that he had withstood that Lightning Bolt several times in the past, Hercules reacted more sensitively than anyone to YuWon's Lightning Bolt.

"It's not a simple imitation. It was identical down to the power source."

"So what?"

"What the hell was that?"

As if telling him to explain, Hercules looked at him.

"I've known you before."


"Not here."

"Not here?"

"Clock Movement."

YuWon's response momentarily furrowed Hercules's brow.

That had been discussed in detail by Odin, Chronos, and others for a long time. Why, all of a sudden, now...?

"No way?"

Hercules's doubtful gaze.

"Don't overreact."

YuWon's eyes burned red.

In YuWon's eyes, which surveyed his surroundings with his Golden Cinder Eyes, a blurry and indistinguishable shape appeared.

['Golden Cinder Eyes' has found 'Kali's Eighth Eye']

As expected, there were eyes watching this area. YuWon thought Kali, at least out of curiosity, would be paying attention to this area.

YuWon made a gesture toward Kali with his finger.


Kali's eyes were pierced by a narrow bolt of electricity. After this action by YuWon, Hrcules, who had noticed Kali looking in this direction, asked.

"What are you doing?"

"It's not good to have eyes watching."

"Are you trying to keep it a secret?"

"For now."

"...In the end, were you chosen? Well."

Hercules nodded.

From Son OhGong to Hercules and now YuWon. These three people were the most mentioned candidates for traveling back in time using the Clock Movement.

And among them, Hercules was the person who most insisted that YuWon should be the chosen one, so he naturally accepted this result.

"So, is this your past? It doesn't seem like you've gone back too far in time."

"It's the past, but not the original past."

"What do you mean?"

"It's more or less halfway, I suppose."


Hercules found it a bit strange and scratched his head.

Although he didn't have the intelligence of Son OhGong, he wasn't so ignorant either. Certainly, what YuWon said sounded so abstract that it would be hard for anyone who wasn't Mimir or Odin to understand.

And in moments like this, it was fortunate that Hercules' head wasn't particularly bright, as it allowed YuWon to skip the explanation and move on.

"Anyway, I more or less understand."

Hercules didn't ask why YuWon was here in the first place or how he had acquired Zeus's Lightning Bolt.

YuWon had everything, even the Golden Cinder Eyes. Moreover, those who were going to travel back in time through the Clock Movement had to become perfect individuals who possessed everything.

Zeus's Lightning Bolt was more or less an insignificant detail.


"So, why are you here after returning in time? And why are you telling me these things only?"

So far, Hercules' doubt hadn't been dispelled.

Fortunately, the answer to that was simple.

"At the very least, it's not you."

"Huh? What are you saying?"

"This plan... failed."

"...What did you say?"

"Shh. Keep your voice down."


Hercules raised his hand and covered his mouth.

The truth was that the other team members didn't need to know this information. Rather, if they shared it, it would only lead to greater chaos in teamwork.

"Alright. So that's what happened. And that's why you're trying to change this first..."

"Well, it's more or less the same..."

Technically, this was neither the past nor the future.

It was just a reconstructed world based on the stories that YuWon had been writing.

"So why? Why did it fail?"

There's a traitor here. YuWon decided not to disclose this. Hercules was a man further removed from lying than anyone YuWon knew.

"Just try to provoke the Lion King."

"The Lion King? Why?"

"Don't ask why. Just try to stimulate him without him noticing. It shouldn't harm the team."

"Could it be... because of him?"

Hercules' expression turned menacing.

Hercules also knew that the Lion King had resented him for a long time. If this plan's failure was somehow his fault, he wouldn't sit still.

"You'll find out more details later."

"There you two are!"

Daedalus' voice reached them.

The heads of YuWon and Hercules turned in unison.

"It's complete! Come over here!"

Ubbo-Sathla's nest.

YuWon planned to use the virtual dungeon created by Daedalus as the stage.

'It would be great if we could find the traitor here.'

To find out which of the seven team members was allied with Ubbo-Sathla.


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Chapter end

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