Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 407

Chapter 407


Daedalus's Dungeon was known for its almost perfect recreation of reality.

Being a former member of Olympus, his primary function used to be creating traps in battles, but strangely, these traps didn't work on the Outer Gods.

Therefore, Daedalus's role focused on assisting team members in coordinating strategies, like some sort of support.

Daedalus had created a detailed design for Ubbo-Sathla's nest inside the dungeon, based on his memory.

"Is this really Ubbo-Sathla's nest?"

"It's probably almost identical to what I remember. There might be some differences in the details, but overall, it should be similar."

"You don't need to remember all the details. The structure and abilities of that thing are what matters."

"I've meticulously taken those details into account."

With a gesture of Daedalus's hand, a drawing appeared in the air.

A design resembling a labyrinth.

It was a simplified blueprint he had created for the siege of this nest.

"Remember this well if you want to conquer this nest."

Upon these words, YuWon and the others began memorizing the design Daedalus had crafted.

YuWon didn't just memorize it but also compared it with his own memories.

"It looks quite similar."

Although his memories were hazy due to the passage of time, the design matched up fairly well with what he remembered.

"Have you all memorized it?"


"For the most part."

"We'll understand it better once we experience it."

"Then, I'll be on my way now. Good job, everyone."

Daedalus's figure became blurry.

His role as a designer had reached its end. It was now the responsibility of the other team members, who were fighters.

Hercules glanced at YuWon.

He was obviously acting openly, but his expressions and gestures seemed somewhat forced.

"It looks like he's not really good at acting."

Fortunately, the other team members didn't seem to pay much attention to Hercules's performance.

Anyway, now that Ubbo-Sathla's nest was ready, it was time to shake up the team members.



The thing cut by Siegfried's sword writhed on the ground before dispersing into purple smoke.

Watching as the Outers dissolved into smoke, the Lion King bared his teeth while muttering.

"These annoying types are causing trouble even here."

"And their numbers keep increasing. It's quite substantial."

"To this point, the path is the same as I remember. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly dangerous here."

The team members continued to advance while sharing their opinions.

They did so slowly to avoid detection by Ubbo-Sathla. Hercules and the Lion King stood in front of the Outers, pushing them back, while Siegfried and Asura cut down the Outers that scattered in all directions.

YuWon and Kali, who were at the end of the formation, didn't have much to do for now.

It was a brief respite.

Or, more precisely, a moment to inspect.

Siegfried drew a line on the ground with his sword, saying, "This is the midpoint."

Ubbo-Sathla's nest was scattered with numerous Outers.

And perhaps this is the environment that Daedalus came to know in advance with the other Rankers.

"In the map that Daedalus drew, this area was marked in red. It means that the dangerous zone begins here."

So far, they had only been at the beginning. The real challenge would start from here.

"Ubbo-Sathla's ability is related to the mind. From now on, stay alert."

Siegfried's warnings made the Lion King bare his teeth in a smile.

"Anyway, isn't this a fake world right now? Why worry so much?" (Note: Remember that they are now simulating the siege of Ubbo-Sathla in Daedalus's Virtual Dungeon)

Hercules's gaze sharpened at that moment.

"So you'll fight carelessly because of that?"


Maybe it was the word "carelessly" that irritated him.

The Lion King's expression abruptly changed as he looked at Hercules.

YuWon, who had been alternately watching them, silently applauded the quarrel that seemed more natural than expected.

"It's not a bad thing."

It probably wasn't an easy word to let slide.

Normally, if Hercules had been in his usual state, he might have overlooked it. However, now there was another reason.

"Do it right. Stay focused. If you make a mistake, the other team members will suffer the consequences."Chck out ltst vl on novl/bin(.)cm

"Are you calling me a nuisance now?"

"At least you understand the words correctly."

The atmosphere quickly became tense.

"Come on, guys. Stop this."

Siegfried, who acted as a mediator, intervened.

Originally, this was Hercules's role, but now Hercules was an active participant in the fight.

"If two people in the same position fight, the team's formation breaks down. Let's set aside personal emotions for now."

"That guy started it first!"

"Hercules didn't say anything wrong. You know that, don't you?"


Siegfried's comment made the Lion King grit his teeth.

Certainly, Hercules hadn't uttered words without reason. First of all, his personality wasn't so capricious as to start a fight for no reason.

"Calm down a bit more, and you too, Hercules."


"I know what your intention is, but tone it down. Your current actions only divide the team."

The confrontation between the Lion King and Hercules stopped for a moment due to Siegfried's intervention.

"The probability of it being Siegfried is low."

Anyway, the traitor the System mentioned wanted to make team division his objective by joining Ubbo-Sathla.


"We'd better be sure after entering the actual battle."

For now, they were still inside Daedalus's Dungeon. Activity inside the Dungeon was safer than speculations.

Just then...

"So you plan to stay still after hearing words like that?"

The Lion King, who had been cooling his head for a while, couldn't bear it any longer and raised his fist at Hercules.

Physically, he was as formidable as Hercules.


When the Lion King struck with his two fists, the ceiling trembled.

"Anyway, isn't this just training at the moment? In that case, wouldn't now be better?"

"What are you saying?"

"Don't you and I still have things to settle?"

The Lion King showed his willingness to fight openly, straightforwardly.

And under the Lion King's direct gaze, Hercules looked at him without playing along.

In an instant, sparks flew between the two.

A fight could have broken out at any moment.

"How about we have a duel between us here and now?"


Siegfried drew his swords and aimed at Hercules and the Lion King with a fiercer look than usual.

"With Gram and Balmung. I will join in that dance as well, if you allow."

From Hercules to the Lion King and now Siegfried as well.

At that moment, when it seemed like a three-way battle could erupt at any moment...

"We'll let it go."

Hercules slid his hand and pushed aside Balmung, which was pressing against his throat.

The sword that could easily cut through even a Dragon's scales. Siegfried narrowed his eyes as he watched Hercules holding the sword so effortlessly.

While doing so, Hercules looked back at the Lion King.

"I'm sorry. My words were a bit exaggerated."

Hercules extended his hand to the Lion King.

After looking at his hand for a moment, the Lion King, who hadn't yet wiped his grim expression, abruptly turned away.

"It's fine. Go."

Although he didn't accept the apology, given the Lion King's stubborn nature, this was quite accommodating.

And so, they walked away.


The Lion King, who had distanced himself from Hercules and his team, exhaled the air trapped in his chest.

"Wow, I thought we were really going to fight," he muttered to himself.


"Wow, I thought we were really going to fight."

YuWon lifted the corner of his lips as he saw the Lion King's face reflected in the Yata Mirror.

Even though he thought it would be easy, they didn't come away empty-handed in the end.

'The Lion King is out.'

From the beginning, the fight started due to pride. The Lion King had never planned to fight seriously against Hercules from the start.

It was understandable.

As strong as the Lion King was, his opponent was Hercules. When two forces clash, the stronger and more resilient one typically wins.

And in this Tower, there was no one stronger and more resilient than Hercules.

"We've rested enough; it's time to move again," Siegfried said after a short break, leading the team.

YuWon looked at him for a moment.

Something about him wasn't as usual.

"It's strange for him to act this way."

YuWon looked to the side.

In the rear was Kali, a Ranker assisting the team.

"Do you think the same?" YuWon asked.

What could be her intention?

YuWon, who was sitting and resting, stood up first and followed Kali, watching her figure as she moved behind the other team members.

"I'm not sure..."

Once they started suspecting, everyone seemed suspicious.

Hercules and the Lion King with flushed faces.

Siegfried, who was mediating the fight and leading the team naturally.

Kali, who wasn't doing anything at all.

And Daedalus, the designer of this dungeon.

Everyone seemed suspicious in YuWon's eyes.

But at this point...

Now, slowly, they seemed to take shape.

YuWon's eye began to glow with a red light.

He was fortunate to be assigned the spear-thrower position.

From the rear, he could observe the other team members at a glance.

A giant hallway stretched before them.

Something twisted and approached.

"It's coming!"

Siegfried shouted as he spotted the tentacles extending forward.

"I'll go first."

Asura tried to break formation and move. He had been restless for a long time because he hadn't had a chance to wield his sword.

"No, hold your position."



Siegfried's firm voice made Asura lower the sword he had in his hand.

"It's okay."


Hercules and the Lion King moved first.

They clashed head-on.

Asura and Siegfried moved a bit later.


As if it were waiting, Asura leaped.

Asura's divine forms multiplied rapidly, like stretching fingers.

Not all the clones were genuine, just like Son OhGong's clones. But Asura's shapeshifting technique was considered legendary in the Murim World.

Moreover, Asura's skill in this technique was unparalleled.


Swish, swish, squawk!

The tentacles twisted and split into thousands of pieces under Asura's cuts. In an instant, Asura looked like a battle-hungry spirit, slashing thousands of times with his sword as if he were fighting a battle-hungry evil spirit.

Although there were many tentacles, none of them were too formidable.

From the beginning, it would be impossible for them to capture Hercules, Asura, and the other team members with just this number of tentacles.

Unless Ubbo-Sathla got directly involved.

And in this battle...

"What is this?"


['Golden Cinder Eyes' reveal the truth]

Finally, YuWon was able to figure it out.

"...So that's what it was."

It was a different outcome than he had imagined.


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