Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 486

Chapter 486


[The power of "Lightning Bolt" enters your body]

[The power of a Giant resides in your body]

[Entering 'Complete Gigantification']

Michael's club moved.

Flying through the air, the club coiled with a Lightning Bolt and fell onto the head of Foolish Chaos.


Foolish Chaos's hand blocked Michael's club.

The ground beneath both of them sank as they staggered.


From Michael's now golden eyes, an electric shock emanated.

An unusual atmosphere.

"It doesn't seem like it's going to stop."

There is always a title that follows Hercules' name.


That title derived from his calm nature and good deeds.

And like most Rankers, Hercules' personality also reflected in the fight.

Although he possessed a strength more powerful than most, he didn't use it recklessly.

Some even said things like he seemed to have no anger.




From Hercules' fist hitting Foolish Chaos's body, a clear anger could be felt.

"It seems like you're quite angry."



Hercules' leg swept across Foolish Chaos's chest.

"I'm not angry."


Though he said so, Hercules still swung his club relentlessly.


That statement only fueled Hercules even more.

[The power of "Lightning Bolt" resides in your right arm]

[The mastery of 'Complete Gigantification' has surpassed the threshold]

['Gigantomachy' is reacting to 'Gigantification']


Hercules' fist extended forward.

A punch that Foolish Chaos couldn't see while blocking the club.

A punch wrapped with Lightning Bolt grabbed Foolish Chaos's body.


The Golden Lightning Bolt soared, spinning, overturning the earth. Foolish Chaos, in the center of the impact, was thrown into the sky at great speed.

"I knew he was strong, but..."

As he flew, Foolish Chaos wrapped his waist, struck by the punch, and murmured.

"This is beyond all calculation."

"My calculations are not finished yet."


When did he get here?

While Foolish Chaos flew rapidly, Hercules appeared behind him and reached out his hand.


As Foolish Chaos flew, he felt his body being moved by Hercules' gesture.

Hercules' grip on Foolish Chaos's neck tightened.

In an instant, Foolish Chaos's mind became complicated.

"Even the speed is beyond calculation."


As he kept thinking, Foolish Chaos's body began to move according to Hercules' gesture.

Hercules, holding the neck, threw Foolish Chaos's body down with all his strength.


With a crash, Foolish Chaos's body, falling from the mountain, knocked down a small hill and sank deep into the earth.

And thus, Hercules, who threw him, extended his hand forward.

Craaack, craack-le-.

A long spear created in Hercules' hand.

One hand wasn't enough, so Hercules extended the other hand.

That's how he created a long Lightning Bolt that he firmly held in both hands.

"How did my father do it?"

Until he got the club, Hercules lived alone with his fists.

Until now, he was barely getting used to the club, but a spear...

"I think it was like this."

Hercules assumed the throwing posture, imitating Zeus.

Under the pit where Foolish Chaos flew and fell.

Pointing the tip of the spear at that place, Hercules flexed his body as if it were a bow.

"... Did I do it?"


The released spear flew, distorting the air.

The Lightning Bolt that fell to the ground from below raised a giant golden pillar.


Looking at the column of golden rays rising high.

Hercules lowered both hands.

He couldn't believe it.

He threw the spear with his own hands. He was following in Zeus's footsteps.

Finally, he realized.

Until now, he lived looking at Zeus's back.



A column of light rose in the distance.

The wave of that force reached here. Although it should be a considerable distance, the fact that it could be confirmed with the naked eye indicated that its size was quite considerable up close.

"It's Hercules, maybe."

The Zeus that YuWon remembered didn't have that much power left.

Moreover, Hercules, who had gathered all the tiles, headed straight to where Zeus was.

At this moment, probably, the fight there would be in full swing.

The probability that the Lightning Bolt was Hercules's was high.


And in the opposite direction...

Son OhGong and his clones were pushing Ubbo-Sathla while resisting.

"What power...!"

"Wow. I'm already tired!"

"Hey, hey! Resist more! Don't you have enough power?!"

"You're clone number 29. I'm number 112!"

"Are you arguing about that now? Hey!"

Son OhGong's clones were sweating. Although Son OhGong possessed almost infinite power after devouring all the Divine Peaches of the Celestial Realm, maintaining so many clones was not an easy task.

Ubbo-Sathla was such an enormous presence, holding all of Nibelung.

It wasn't easy to stop that thing.

"Both are fighting hard."

He became anxious.

YuWon's gaze turned to Pandora, who was looking through the slabs.

How much longer will she take?

As he impatiently watched her, their eyes met for a moment.

"Are you done?"

"It's the third time you're asking that."

"...It seems like you haven't finished."

The translation process was going to take time, and it seemed like it was going to last through the night.

Should he break the slabs now, before it's too late?

If he shattered the slabs that had merged in front of him, the problem of Ubbo-Sathla would be immediately resolved.

It had been a long time since his head felt so confused.

He didn't know what was written on the slab. What was the point of fighting like this to read something uncertain?

But still, if the content of that slab was genuinely important...

"What's the right choice?"

While his head spun so confusingly,

"I'm finished."

A word was heard that made his eyes widen.

YuWon, who was absorbed in his thoughts, approached Pandora and asked.

"Really? Did you completely finish the interpretation?"

"Yes. Completely."

"Let me know quickly. Quickly."

Given the intensity of the ongoing battle, impatience increased.

Pandora, who had locked eyes for a moment, began to read the first sentence.


YuWon's eyes widened at the "Name" mentioned by her.


That Name ran down YuWon's spine and made him shudder.

But the surprise didn't end there.

"Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep. Nyog'Sothep..."

The names she mentioned began to appear in a series, and YuWon couldn't help but be amazed at some of the Names, including Shub-Niggurath mentioned second, which he had encountered a few times in the future.

The list of Names continued for quite a while.

From a certain point, the slab was filled with unknown Names.

Naturally, the Names didn't enter the ears easily.

"Were these all the names of the Outers?"

Outer Gods.

Existences that had one, two, or more names over a single Name.

The Names were all different, and, like abilities or items, sometimes Names were transferred or chosen by an owner.

But only one...Updted chapters n nvelbin(.)com

The True Name that signified existence never changed or shifted.

And what was written on these slabs was probably those Names.

It couldn't be said that the information was entirely useless.

But still, something didn't fit.

"Did I go through all this trouble just to know these Names?"

At least, a secret about the Outer Gods.

YuWon hoped to gain some key to fight against the Outers based on that information.

"Was all this trouble just for this?"


YuWon felt a gaze. He had been distracted thinking about other things. Pandora kept staring at him.

"Are you finished?"


It seems that Pandora mentioned all the Names inscribed on the slab.

Even if it was useless information, not being able to focus on the information was an error on YuWon's part. From the beginning, interpreting the characters written on the slab and reading them was something YuWon had asked her to do.

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear."

"It's okay."

Pandora spoke confidently, turning the slab towards YuWon.

"I've memorized them all."

"You memorized them all? All of those?"

There were easily hundreds of Names.

Seeing, reading, and learning all those Names at once.

"Still, it's fortunate."

YuWon was debating internally whether to listen to that again or just break it, but having learned it all, it seemed there was no need to waste more time.

"Then, now, destroy it."


Pandora raised her head with a surprised expression, as if she was bewildered.

"We haven't finished yet."

"Not yet?"

YuWon had thought that Pandora stopped mentioning the Names because that was all that was written on the slab.

But it turns out she hadn't finished.

"Then why did you stop?"

"It seemed like you weren't concentrating."

"...Yes, it seemed that way. I'm sorry."

The delay was his problem, not Pandora's.

YuWon couldn't blame Pandora.

"The important part starts here."

Pandora, who showed no expression, looked to the other side of the slab.

The slab split into three parts.

Apparently, the information recorded on each slab was different.

"Listen for now."

YuWon didn't have high expectations.

Although he had opened his ears this time unlike before, he couldn't help but internally think that he should finish this as soon as possible.


"These are the Names of all things I have collected."

It wasn't a calm statement from the first sentence.

The concentration increased immediately.

YuWon paid attention to Pandora's words.

"From the beginning to the end, I wrote the Names of the existences I cherished. Some already had Names from the beginning, and others I gave a Name for the first time."

I had the right to do so. No, in fact, only I had the right to do so.

The introduction was long.

As a consideration for the one reading this record, I want to inform you of who I am first.

It cannot be known who you are or where you are from, but that is not important.

Instead, you should only know one thing.

That without knowing the True Name, a worm cannot be turned into a Dragon, and one cannot properly use the Name one has.

So you should surely know my Name.

I am the vile King sitting on the jade throne, preparing for the great chaos that has come and will come.

When all the Names of this world are combined, this Name emerges.

Azathoth, that is.


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