Mutated Tao – Chapter 51: Negotiation

Chapter 51: Negotiation

Li Huowang raised his head, staring at the Buddhas to no avail; they had their backs turned toward the moon, so their faces were shrouded in darkness. All Li Huowang could see were the numerous arms wriggling at the back and their large heads. The air was filled with a weird stench created by the combination of smoke from burning incense and blood.

Li Huowang took a few steps back. After confirming that he was indeed alone, he shook his head.

No. I will not go back, Li Huowang steeled his heart as he held the hilt of his sword.

Suddenly, a cracking sound was heard as one of the giant Buddhas leaned down and blocked the moon from Li Huowangs vision. At the same time, a strong wave of pressure started to push downward upon Li Huowang.

At that moment, Li Huowang felt as if a pair of lantern-sized eyes were staring holes into him.

Amitabha! Benefactor, please follow us back. We are doing this for your own sake. Much to Li Huowangs surprise, Jian Dun did not attack him; he was still trying to negotiate and convince Li Huowang in a peaceful manner.

If you are really doing all this for my sake, then why not let me leave? Dont you monks preach about kindness and forgiveness and what-not? So how about letting me go? asked Li Huowang.

Its precisely because we stand for kindness that we cannot let you leave, replied Jian Dun.

Just as Jian Dun said that, a stone flew over and hit the head of one of the Buddhas. However, the sound that was heard was that of metal ringing rather than flesh being struck.

Li Huowang and Jian Dun turned at the same time. Bai Lingmiao and the rest of them were standing not too far away with glowing rocks in their hands.

Senior Li! Run! More stones flew over and hit the Buddha, but there was no effect.

Amitabha! The sea of torment does not end, so its best to turn back. Jian Dun brought his palms together as he gently crouched before his skinny legs propelled him forward.


With a loud pop, Jian Duns massive body was sent flying through the sky before it fell down like a giant rock. Numerous trees were broken and blown away as he landed behind Bai Lingmiao and the rest, his massive body blocking their escape.

Seeing how small and powerless Bai Lingmiao and the others were compared to the Buddha, Li Huowang shouted with all his might, No! Stop!

As if sensing something, the Buddhas surrounding Li Huowang and even Jian Dun all took a step back.

Benefactor Xuan Yang, we were not thinking of harming them. Please calm down, Jian Duns voice had a hint of panic; it was as if he didn't want to trigger Li Huowang.


This was beyond everyones expectation; to think that they would actually listen to Li Huowang.

Why are they panicking? Theres no reason for them to panic and to fear someone normal like me.

We are monks. We do not kill. We just want to make sure that they are safe and do not run away, Jian Dun said as he used his gigantic hands to uproot several trees with ease. After twisting the trees a bit, he made a simple cage and trapped everyone within it.

Once Jian Dun made sure that no one would disturb them again, he slowly walked back toward Li Huowang.

Benefactor Xuan Yang, since you do not wish to return with me, then why not negotiate with me? proposed Jian Dun.

Negotiate? Are you trying to persuade me to come back? Li Huowang asked while keeping an eye on the Buddhas massive hands that were even bigger than him. He had no idea what they were trying to do.

Of course. Benefactor Xuan Yang is someone who knows what is important. Naturally, I should be able to persuade you, replied Jian Dun.

Hearing this, Li Huowang thought back to the incident at the monastery and found something very illogical; regardless of whether it was the Abbot or Jian Dun, despite being stronger than him, they did not attack him or take him back forcefully. Instead, they kept trying to use lies and deceit to trap him.

Wouldnt it be easier for them to just force me using brute strength? Why are they going through so much hassle? Is there something special about me?Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

Li Huowang checked both his palms but couldnt see anything out of the ordinary.

I'm just someone suffering from hysteria that would fall in and out of illusions from time to time. Is there something special about me that they are being wary of?

Li Huowang tried to piece together all the information, completely ignoring Jian Dun for now. He needed to find out what made them so wary of him. That might end up being the only chance for him to escape.

Wait, let me think about it the other way. What would the consequences be if they used brute force and threatened my life?

Li Huowang tried to remember everything that he had encountered in this world.

He recalled that back when the God of Happiness was dragged away into the darkness, that had been the only time his life had been in danger. It was also the only time when the opponent was surprisingly defeated.

Immediately, Li Huowangs pupils shrank, realizing the crux of the issue.

Dan Yangzi! They do not wish to harm me because whenever my life is in danger, Dan Yangzi, that monster, would appear! Dan Yangzi is protecting me!

Li Huowang instantly realized the intentions behind all of the monks actions. He had always thought that Dan Yangzi was trying to harm him, but from the looks of it, that was not the case. While Li Huowang himself knew that he was trying to harm Dan Yangzi, from Dan Yangzis perspective, this disciple of his had not done anything wrong and had even helped him achieve Immortality.

The Righteous Monastery mustve known about all this but did not tell me. That is why they have been constantly trying to deceive me and use the Great Fast to try and get rid of Dan Yangzi. Once Dan Yangzi is gone, I will be nothing but a fat slab of meat for the monks!

When Li Huowang thought back to what the monks of the Righteous Monastery were doing, he suddenly felt disgusted and chilled to the bone.

Li Huowang raised his head and once again stared at Jian Dun; this time he was prepared. He smiled. Are all of you afraid of Dan Yangzi? According to you guys, he has turned into a Buddha, so why are you still afraid of him?

Jian Duns expression froze. Benefactor Xuan Yang, I have no idea what you're saying. Monks do not lie or cheat. I can swear upon the Buddhas that the Great Fast is meant to eliminate Dan Yangzi. It will not harm you.

At that moment, Li Huowangs suspicions were confirmed.

In this world, there was no such thing as helping someone out of the goodwill of ones heart. In the future, he would need to be more careful when trying to gather information. At the same time, he needed to be more critical about his own thinking.

I suddenly feel that taking Dan Yangzi with me is a good thing; after all, he was my Master. I dont feel that it's good to eliminate him just like that. Once he had figured out their goal, Li Huowang was no longer panicking.

Amitabha! This is not possible. Dan Yangzis matter does not only affect you but also everyone else, said Jian Dun.

Li Huowang raised his head and stared at Jian Dun again, smirking. Why dont you talk to my Master himself?

What? Jian Dun questioned.

At that moment, Li Huowang unsheathed his sword and held it up. The sword was sharp enough to slice through metal like a hot knife through butter.

When Jian Dun saw Li Huowang draw his sword, he smiled. To try and break the body of my Buddhas with your sword; benefactor Xuan Yang must have a lot of faith in your weapon.

Didnt you hear what I just said? I want you to talk with Dan Yangzi himself, said Li Huowang. Just as he finished speaking, he used the sword to slit the side of his neck.

His skin was sliced quite easily, causing warm blood to splatter out and drench his Taoist robes in red.

Hehe. Li Huowangs consciousness started to fade away as he applied pressure to his neck. Do you hear that? It sounds like thunder.

Chacha and Char's Thoughts

Holy crap MC is such a badass. MC don't play around

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