Mutated Tao – Chapter 6: Worth

Chapter 6: Worth

Upon seeing Li Huowangs actions, Yang Na panicked and took a step back. "What are you doing? The nurse station can hear everything that we say over here."

As soon as she finished speaking, laughter resounded from the speakers by the bedside. "Haha, dont worry! We cant hear anything. Little Li, keep at it!"

"Ladies, can you please stop being so nosy? Go and focus your attention on the ICU. Li Huowang shouted toward the speakers.

Then, he grabbed Yang Nas hand and led her to another corner of the room.

He took out the jade pendant from his pocket and placed it in her palm, then leaned close to her ear and whispered. The more she listened, the more Yang Nas eyes widened.

"This cant be true This" Before she could even finish her sentence, Li Huowang covered her mouth with his hand.

Their gazes met, and Li Huowang looked at Yang Na with intense longing in his eyes.

"Help me! Everything I have told you is true. None of the people outside trust me, not even my parentsthey all think Im crazy. Youre the only person I can trust in the whole wide world. Im not insane!"

After a few seconds, Yang Na finally nodded while biting her lips.

As she was leaving, she looked back at him through teary eyes multiple times, clearly worried about Li Huowangs mental state.

Meanwhile, Li Huowang watched her departing figure with mixed emotions. While he no longer cared about what others thought of him, Yang Na was different.

"Nana, please trust me! Just this once!"

Li Huowang shuffled around nervously inside his room. The time spent waiting for something always felt the longest.

During this time, he had suffered from another bout of hallucination, but Li Huowang quickly snapped out of it. While the doctor had told him that this wouldnt be ideal, he was afraid that he would end up missing Yang Na.

One, two, then three days passed while Li Huowang became increasingly anxious.

Little Li, your little girlfriend is here to visit you~ Upon hearing the nurses announcement, Li Huowang jumped out of the bed like a carp and rushed toward the hospital entrance.

Li Huowang bumped into Yang Na in the garden located within the hospital, and they embraced each other with excitement.

She suppressed her voice and whispered in his ear, Huowang, its real, the jade pendant is real!

"Im not sick! Hahaha! Im not sick!" Li Huowang exclaimed, tightly hugging the girl and twirling her in the air.

The two basked in their excitement for quite a while before finally calming down.

Did me asking for your help affect your life and studies? Li Huowang asked Yang Na in a voice filled with concern, as they sat beside a flower bed in the garden.

However, Yang Na decided to dodge the question by changing the topic. She extended four slender fingers toward Li Huowang, Do you know how much this jade pendant is worth? This much!


400,000! And I am sure that he under-valued it. Well definitely get a better offer if we ask around.

400,000! Damn, 400,000! Li Huowang chuckled. Such a sum could cover his medical expenses for these few years, and there would even be some leftover. Even more importantly, this was just the beginning.

Miss Yang Na, are you ready to become a wealthy wife?

Li Huowangs teasing made Yang Na blush slightly. "Stop joking. All of this is so strange. Are you sure that it wont harm your body?"

"Its fine! Im perfectly okay. What could possibly happen to me? Heck, with the current situation, I might have to lengthen the duration of my treatment. After all, this is precious! I cant be cured too quickly."

Hearing this, Yang Nas expression tensed up. She worriedly replied, "Huowang, these are two separate matters. I dont want money. You must not stop your treatment or your medications. Promise me, or I wont help you anymore."

Li Huowang had thought of many reasons to refute her, but a warm feeling arose in his heart as he looked at her concerned eyes. "Okay, I promise you."

Yang Na smiled, and gently patted his head. Thats more like it, you stinky head.

Just as the two were discussing how to sell this jade pendant, a few burly middle-aged men bustled past with riot forks.

Confused, Li Huowang asked one of the familiar faces, What happened to Master Zhao? Did something happen?

Dont ask what you shouldnt, Little Li. Get back to your ward quickly. Also, if you happen to meet Old Liu, remember to report it immediately. That guy must have secretly spit out his medications again. That person hurriedly said, then turned back and rushed toward the stairs.

Arent there two layers of iron barricades surrounding the critically ill zone? How did Old Liu manage to escape with his small physique? Li Huowang thought as he looked toward the critically ill zone with eyes full of doubt.

Back when he could not differentiate between hallucination and reality, he was kept there for a period of time. Those memories were not very pleasant.

Li Huowang saw that the other patients were being escorted back to their wards by their respective nurses. Seeing this, he turned to Yang Na and said, Its a little chaotic here, so you should go back first. Call the hospital tonight and well talk over the phone.

Okay. Take care of yourself. Also, remember what you just promised me. Yang Na said before turning around to walk toward the distant hospital entrance.

400,000! Li Huowang sighed as he walked toward his ward. Quite a few new ideas and questions started popping up in his mind after confirming that the jade pendant was worth so much.

Was it a hallucination or a reality?

Then again, if something from there was so valuable, then it didnt matter whether it was a hallucination or reality.

He hadnt even taken a few steps before a familiar cry resounded behind him. Li Huowang turned back, only to see a bald and skinny old man knocking Yang Na to the ground.

Li Huowangs blood instantly boiled over as he witnessed such a scene unfold. He gritted his teeth and dashed up fiercely, Old Liu! Thats my girlfriend, let go of her!

Huhuhu~ A whistling sound filled the air as a hexagonal brick flipped and flew toward Li Huowang, directly smashing into his head.

Li Huowang felt the world spinning around him, and then he fell heavily onto the ground. His vision gradually turned red due to the wound that had opened up on his head.

A pair of bloated feet covered with the hospital gown walked across Li Huowangs reddened vision, toward the screaming and struggling Yang Na.

The heavy footsteps gradually approached Yang Na.

There was only one thought running through Li Huowangs mind. I must not let Yang Na be harmed!

Trembling, he fished out one of the pills given to him by the Master and stuffed it into his mouth. It mixed along with his own blood that was flowing out of the wound on his head.Expplre ptodte stories at no/el//bin(.)cm

In an instant, an extremely hot stream of energy surged out from his abdomen into his four limbs, filling him with strength. At the same time, his fuzzy mind instantly turned incomparably clear.


He delivered a firm punch onto the fattys chin. The impact caused some of the fattys yellowed teeth to fly out, barely leaving him with any teeth.

Drenched in blood, Li Huowang paid no attention to the fatty who had now fallen onto the ground. Instead, he took large strides toward Old Liu, and stomped on his skinny chest.


The sound of bones breaking resounded over and over. At the same time, Old Liu was spitting out blood, his bones breaking into pieces like noodles.

Meanwhile, Yang Na was sobbing on the ground, clutching her tattered sweater. Seeing this, Li Huowang clenched his teeth, causing his gums to bleed as well.

His bloodshot eyes stared unwaveringly at the two people on the ground. He stomped on the concrete floor with one foot, and then leapt toward them like a cheetah.

Huowang! Stop! What are you doing?!

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How dare they touch MCs love interest

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