Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 62: The Ninja War Is About To Start

Chapter 62: The Ninja War Is About To Start

The God of Ninja World, Senju Hashirama, is dead!

This news spread over half of Ninja World in a short time.

Tobirama did not try to seal the news because he knew that what should come would come eventually, and he had already prepared for everything.

Therefore, this time, he wanted to let everyone know that although Konoha did not have Senju Hashirama, it still had Senju Tobirama!

If you are not afraid of death, then come over!

Tobirama had confidence in himself and Konoha.

Similarly, the other major powers were already prepared to invade Konoha.

'Four against one, that man is also gone. There is no reason for them to lose!'

'Senju Tobirama?'

'Ninja World's number one Shensu Ninja?'

'Sorry, just running fast is useless. This is a war, not a marathon!'

As a result, the countries began to mobilize the Ninja Army to prepare to go to the border of the Fire Country.

They had to destroy Konoha in one blow and then completely divide up this huge monster.

Tobirama, who received the news, followed his original preparations orderly and sent a large number of Konoha Ninjas to the front line.

At the same time, he was also prepared to support the frontline at any time. A large number of flying thunder Kunai were handed over to the elite Jonin, who went to fight.

Tobirama, who had Flying Thunder God, did not need to waste any time on the road. A seal could appear anywhere that needed support at any time. Such an advantage was something that no one other than him had.

Moreover, this period was not like the later generations, where the shadows of the various villages would not easily appear on the battlefield, all of them guarding the rear.

The chaotic era of movement had only ended after more than ten years. At this time, what was important was either you kill me or I kill you!

The Kage of the various villages would inevitably appear on the battlefield. Only a matter of time.

Otherwise, if not for Flying Thunder God, this war would really be hard to fight.


The war was about to break out. Every day, there were a large number of ninjas. The transport team left Konoha, and no one knew where they went.

Even the atmosphere inside Konoha became a bit heavy and tense.

The relaxed smiles on the faces of many villagers were replaced by uneasiness and worry. Every day, there were people who spontaneously prayed, hoping that the war would not happen or that Konoha would win.

Even the teaching courses of the Ninja Academy changed because of what was destined to happen next.

Many dispensable courses were canceled but instead increased the teaching of actual combat.

If the war did not go smoothly and they had to fight a protracted war, then the students of the Ninja School would be sent directly to the battlefield after graduation.

This was not an exaggeration but a way to protect the village.

"Next match, Sakumo versus... Senju Haru."

"The two sides have formed the" seal of against each other "... The battle begins!"


Knowing the power of Haru's ninjutsu, Sakumo immediately began to move at high speed. He was not in a hurry to get close to his opponent but was constantly changing his position with the wooden dagger in his hand.

In the face of the future famous Konoha, Haru did not hold back. He became a little more serious. The modified version of Water Escape: Water Bullet was like a machine gun with infinite bullets, shooting at the opponent at a certain frequency, forcing Sakumo to be unable to get close to him smoothly.

Although the speed of his chakra consumption was not slow, Sakumo, who kept moving fast to avoid attacks, would definitely be the first to lose his strength!

Obviously, Sakumo also saw Haru's thoughts. After frowning for a moment, he gave up his original plan and turned to rush forward, using the dagger in his hand to defend as much as possible.

As for the attacks that were missed and feeling the pain coming from his body from time to time, Sakumo's face did not change at all.

Although this was just a very ordinary battle,

But... he did not want to lose!

Haru, who saw Sakumo's actions, was also helpless. The modified Water Escape: Water Bullet was indeed too weak.

He could increase his power by raising his chakra, but it seemed to be too late.

"This distance... is enough!"


With a swish, Sakumo's figure immediately disappeared, crossing the last distance in the blink of an eye and arriving behind Haru.

Ordinary Shunpo was only a D-class, and by gathering chakra on his feet, he could use high-speed movement.

It looked very simple, but in fact, the skill was very skillful, and it was not so easy to learn, and the depth to use it depended on talent. Visjt nvelbin(.)cm for new updates

Therefore, even Haru showed a touch of surprise on his face. He did not expect that Sakumo had learned the Shunpo skill and suddenly took it out in the battle with him.

It was estimated that the previous dodge and hard resistance were just to numb him, just to catch him unprepared.

"I won."

Sakumo, who strangely appeared behind Haru, did not have any carelessness. He directly slashed at the back of Haru's neck, wanting to knock him out.

From the outside, Haru did not seem to be able to react. But when Sakumo swung his knife at Haru, his face suddenly changed.


Haru's body directly turned into a pool of water.

"Water body? When?"

Sakumo was lost in thought for a moment, then the forehead guard that fell to the ground made a crisp sound.

"Wait! Why didn't the water clone's wrist guard disappear? This is bad!"

White Fang, who was still too young, immediately wanted to use the instant movement technique to rush out again. However, Haru, who had already removed the transformation technique, had already touched the water stain left by the water clone.

"Water Escape - Water Prison Technique!"


A water ball immediately rose from the soles of his feet and wrapped around Sakumo.

If Sakumo had immediately left the moment he found the water body, he might be able to avoid Haru's sneak attack.

But when Sakumo stupidly stepped on the puddle, he heard the sound of the wrist guard falling to the ground and realized that something was wrong. It was already too late.

"Senju Haru, victory!"

Fujiwara-sensei's voice came late, and he seemed to be in a daze.

Haru withdrew his hand, and the water ball instantly shattered.

"Cough cough..."

Sakumo, who had choked a few mouthfuls of water, put his hands on the ground. His body was already drenched. He looked at Haru with unwillingness and admiration.

At this moment, a hand reached in front of him, "Your technique is very sharp. Combined with the Body FlickerTechnique, it is enough to display its power. However, your Chakra is still too small, and you lack combat experience.... However, I believe that sooner or later, you will become an excellent ninja and make your name known."

Sakumo was first stunned, then he held the hand hard and stood up again under the opponent's power.

"You are very strong, but I will not admit defeat. I want to surpass you."

Looking at Sakumo's serious expression, Haru smiled and said, "I am waiting for that day. Before we complete the agreement, don't die."

"Definitely not!"

Although he felt that the other person's words seemed to contain other meanings, how could he die so easily?

As expected, this was the opponent he wanted to challenge!

Chapter end

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