Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 265: Embers (2)

Chapter 265: Embers (2)

C265 - Embers (2)

Jin was having a nightmare.

A black monster with tentacles was crushing his body. It slapped its tentacles against his face and wouldn't let go. The terrible sensation made Jin groan.

"Ugh!" He managed to open his eyes and sit up. Jin soon discovered who had caused the nightmare.

Meow, meow! Murakan had pounced on him and was kneading his face with its paws.

"Why does this feel familiar? Let go of me, come on!" He gently pushed Murakan away and checked his body.

Nothing seemed broken.

The Runcandel Healers were quite talented, but it was actually because he was one of the few who could regain consciousness without much trouble after receiving Cyron's sword strike.

Jin knew it very well.

I became immensely strong, thanks to my brothers. Without the intensive training in Laphrarosa, I wouldn't have even dreamed of taking that sword.

He looked around. It was a familiar sight because this was the same room he had used as a cadet.

He sensed movement.

"Are you awake, young master?"

It was Gilly. She had returned to the Garden of Swords just after Jin withstood Cyron's strike and was now by his side, as she had always been during his cadet years.


"It's been a long time, young master." Gilly gave him a warm smile.

Finally, they were together again after being separated for a year and two months. Since leaving Lafrarosa, Jin had only reunited with Misha and Murakan.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too. And you don't know how much your companions missed you as well, young master."

Jin nodded and looked at Gilly's wrists.

It wasn't there. The iron pin that had been placed to suppress his powers was no longer there. The Runcandel medical staff had removed it as soon as he returned to the clan.

Gilly felt embarrassed and scratched the back of her neck when she caught his gaze.

"Thank you for everything, Gilly."

"It's nothing. All Runcandel caretakers go through that anyway. I had an easy life as the Provisional Flagbearer's caretaker thanks to you, young master."

Gilly looked at Jin with solemn eyes. Then she kneeled down and bowed her head.

"Knight Gilly McLoran pledges loyalty to the twelfth flagbearer of the Runcandel clan, Sir Jin Runcandel, as his caretaker. It is an honor to serve you again, young master."

That made Jin think of many things.

In his past life, Gilly had been exiled with her powers sealed because of him. But now, he had become a flagbearer, and she was a caretaker of a flagbearer.

An overwhelming emotion welled up within him.

I won't let anyone ruin Gilly's life.

Jin smiled after suppressing his emotions.

"The fact that you're my caretaker is a great honor for me too, Gilly. I feel uncomfortable, so please rise."

"Yes, young master."


Murakan transformed into his human form and helped Gilly to her feet.

"I have no idea why our dear Strawberry Shortcake is so loyal to this kid. He's not even adorable. Dear Strawberry Shortcake, didn't you miss me, the great Murakan? Oh, what a disgrace! This can't be happening! The boy receives all the love there is, but I'm just a passing dragon, is that it?"

"S-Sir Murakan. Don't be so hard on yourself. Of course, I missed you too."

"Then why are you so cold to me?"

"But we were all together in Tikan until a week ago."

"So, what you're saying, Strawberry Shortcake, is that you didn't miss me as much because we've only been apart for a week. Is that what you're saying?"

"That sums it up quite well."

Murakan had nothing more to say. He also realized that being apart for a week wasn't a big problem to worry about. Murakan and Gilly still weren't dating.

Murakan cleared his throat. "But still..."

Jin interrupted. "Hey, come on. She hasn't done anything. Stop bothering Strawberry Shortcake, no, Gilly, with those things. Besides, this isn't Tikan, okay? Don't transform like that. You can't do that here. You should be Butterfly Runcandel, like in my cadet days."

"What are you talking about, brat? Everyone knows I'm your guardian dragon. Are you saying I should hide my identity and live as a cat?"

"Actually, yes. Anyway, Gilly. How long have I been unconscious?"

"About three hours, young master."

"Okay, three hours. What?" Jin jumped to his feet and looked outside.

It was around noon when they had taken formations for Cyron. The afternoon sun still shone in the Garden of Swords.

Had he regained consciousness from that wound in just three hours?

Jin remembered what Boras, the fifth battle king, said last year while training in Lafrarosa: "He's a vampire, that's what he is! He's sucking blood cubes from the sister of the battle god, my goodness!"

Jin received blood transfusions from Vahn, the Battle Goddess, this time as well, not just once, but twice. Vahn weakened slightly every time she donated blood because she was performing something close to a miracle, but it fortified Jin's blessed body and illuminated heart.

That's why it took Jin only three hours to regain consciousness after withstanding Cyron's strike.

"The Garden of Swords will be surprised when they learn that you've already regained consciousness. The head of the medical staff seemed to expect it somehow, but most people said it would take at least three days for you to wake up, young master."

"And the appointment ceremony for the knight flagbearer?"

"Since it was a direct order from the Patriarch, it's likely to be held today. I think you should go see the Patriarch, young master."

Gilly opened her wardrobe. She had prepared the ceremonial uniform of the Runcandel flagbearer. The black coat had elegant designs stitched with golden threads.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she took out the coat and handed it to him.

"Oh, wow. Please forgive my foolishness. It's just that I got emotional seeing you finally putting it on, young master. Good luck at today's ceremony. Oh, and is there anything I can do for you?"

"Hmm. Bake a strawberry cake for Murakan. He's been singing songs about how much he wanted one all the way here."


Jin washed his face, brushed his hair, straightened his collar, and stepped out into the hallway.

Once there, he felt everyone's gaze on him.

The servants passing through the halls, the guardian knights, even the cadets. None dared to look at him brazenly, but they all cast curious glances his way.

And right at that moment, some of his siblings passed by.

"Long time no see. Sisters Miu and Anne."

They were passing by Jin's room on their way to deliver the flagbearing mission reports to Rosa.

They immediately stopped and turned their heads.

I wonder how sarcastic they'll be now. Or maybe they won't despise me as much as before.

They looked at Jin but remained silent for a while. They even blinked as if witnessing something they shouldn't.

Has he awakened?

After receiving that strike from father? Am I seeing things correctly now?

Their gazes went back and forth between Jin several times to confirm what they saw. It didn't take them long to realize that Jin was real, obviously.

"You... No, it doesn't matter. Come on, Anne." Miu was the first to speak.

She frowned, but it seemed like she didn't want to talk to Jin.

"Miu?" Anne was startled by her reaction.

She was also surprised to see Jin, but she thought they might as well despise him since they had encountered each other. They were now legitimate contenders in the ranking war.

Anne thought there was no chance they would lose against him. Although Jin had become stronger, there were many ways to win in the ranking war besides individual combat.

"We can't just leave after encountering this brat who was a criminal this morning and wearing the flagbearer's coat. Let's go. Let's beat him up real-"

"I said we're leaving."

"Young Master Jin!"

Someone roared right after Miu spoke.

The voice carried a welcoming tone with notes of mockery and strong shades of flattery. That mysteriously complex voice could only belong to Emma Neiltrow, the caretaker of the Tona twins.

Beside her were the Tona twins, their mouths agape with expressions of astonishment on their faces. They too were taken aback by Jin's recovery.

"We heard from the servants that you had awakened, young master. We came as soon as we found out. How have you been, young master? I'm so glad to see you safe and, well. What am I saying? I suppose I should start addressing you as the twelfth flagbearer, no longer as young master, right?"

She showed a very servile and sly attitude, rubbing her hands greedily and constantly bowing while speaking.

"Oh, my! Emma Neiltrow, have you gone crazy? How dare you interrupt the conversation of the flagbearers without being called? Who said you could act like that?" Anne said with disdain in her voice.

"Oh, I apologize, young Lady Anne. In any case, twelfth flagbearer Jin, you've become a great person! I always knew you would become an esteemed figure. Emma didn't hesitate for a second, young master."

After saying that, Emma nudged the Tona twins from the sides. She was signaling them to greet Jin.

"Jin! I'm glad to see you. How have you been?"

"How, how are you? You withstood father's sword strike! You have no idea how shocked everyone was! Isn't that right, Heitona?"

"Absolutely! Deitona. It was amazing, right?"

Seeing the Tona twins babble with exaggerated movements made Jin chuckle.

On the other hand, Emma's keen judgment sent shivers down his spine.

Emma seems to believe that someday I'll become the patriarch. Even if that doesn't happen, I bet she'd love to believe it since the Tona twins have no one else to rely on. Her plan must be to improve the future of the Tona twins by ensnaring me.

She used to blatantly observe Jin at Stormcastle, and he had warned her about her behavior.

Back then, Emma used to desperately hope that Jin would lag behind the Tona twins, even when showering him with constant praise.

She intended to order the Tona twins to crush Jin or recruit him as their subordinate if Jin ever fell behind the Tona twins.

But now it was different.

Emma had accepted the fact that the Tona twins never had a chance at the patriarchate. Therefore, she began seeking people who could help them survive the ranking war.

The talented pure-bloods didn't care about the Tona twins, while Miu and Anne tormented them daily. Every day was a series of frustrations for Emma.

But Jin returned to them as a shining star with undeniable strength.

Seems like that fox, Miu, is somewhat smarter than the idiot Anne. She knows she can't mess with young master Jin anymore. Haha, bitches. How does it feel to be humiliated by me, thanks to young master Jin?

Although it wasn't anything too humiliating, the fact that Emma had interrupted Miu and Anne's speech under Jin's gaze was already a tremendous victory for her.

If she could, Emma would have killed Miu and Anne for tormenting the Tona twins all this time.

I swear all my loyalty to you, so help me and cooperate, young master Jin!

And of course, Jin had already read Emma's mind.

'Well, I'll give you points for being the first one from the Garden of Swords to approach me and try to align with me. I'll help you with your little revenge, Emma. Besides, I'll have many uses for the Tona twins anyway.' Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

Jin had to hold back his laughter.

"Have you all gone crazy? Hey, you. Emma. Who do you think you are? Didn't I just ask you a question? I asked, who said you..."

"My dear sister Anne, you're being harsh. She overstepped a bit, but please don't forget that Emma is the caretaker of the tenth and eleventh flagbearers. She has served the clan for a long time. There are many eyes watching us right now, so I don't think you should scold her that much."

Anne's eyes widened when Jin interrupted her.


Chapter end

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