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          coal chemical
          Fired Power / Wind Power / Nuclear Power)
          Tower Support / Steel Chimney

          CNOOC Haihua Group Petrochemical and Salt Chemical Integration Project.

          This project is invested by CNOOC, which is located nearby Weifang Port. Our company undertook the device and pipe rack steel structure fabrication tasks, The total weight of steel usage is about 8000T.

          Dalian Yisheng Petroleum PTA Project

          This project is located in Dalian City, which production capability is annual output 1.2 million T PTA. Our company supplied high-level quality steel structure for Yisheng Petroleum Plant, such as workshop steel structure, pipe rack and device steel structure.The total weight of steel usage is about 4000T.

          Bolivia Uyuni Sylvine Production Plant Project

          This project is our first project for South America Market, and total steel structure weight is 8600T.

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